LaFerrari says “F*** POLICE” and DOES DONUTS to Entertain Crowds at Car Show!

When it comes to different kind of car enthusiasts, I guess you could say that some ...

When it comes to different kind of car enthusiasts, I guess you could say that some have a little bit more money to spend on their entertainment than others. That’s not to say that you can eventually build your way out to one of the most expensive cars in the world but odds are that you’re not going to be dropping millions of dollars on a LaFerrari as your first ride. However, when you do finally build up enough equity to be able to go out there and purchase yourself a car like this, well, I guess if there are still multiple kinds of owners who you could be when taking possession of such a car.

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Now, there’s the people who would park this car in the garage and just look at it, making sure the climate is controlled, the fluids are changed on a very regular basis, and that it only goes out when the temperature is just right with absolutely zero chance of any precipitation in the forecast. On the other hand, there are people who buy vehicles like this and drive them like they were designed and engineered to be driven, with every time that they take them out, they can’t help but find themselves laying on the accelerator, hoping to get a little bit of a rush while behind the wheel.

We can’t really say that we blame either of these enthusiasts but as you could probably guess, a video of a car simply sitting in a temperature controlled showroom probably wouldn’t be too interesting to look at here on Speed Society so instead, we check out a driver who puts away the moderate driving for a little bit as he pulled out of the parking lot of a car show, laying on the throttle, and peeling off into the distance as the car’s taillights fade away.

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