The Bush Winch is The Coolest and Latest Wheel Winch Out There!

You know that moment you have, when you see a new invention that is both super ...

You know that moment you have, when you see a new invention that is both super simple, yet amazingly useful, and you smack yourself on the forehead and say “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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I’m warning you now, if you hit the play button below, you’re going to have one of those moments. The Bush Winch is so ridiculously simple that it seems like it should have been around for decades. Basically an oversized fishing reel that attaches to your wheel, the Bush Winch uses your vehicle’s own engine and driveline to power the winch and pull you out of whatever situation you might find yourself stuck in. Once you’ve swapped to the special lug nuts, there are no tools required to attach the reel to your wheel. You then tie the rope off on an anchor and simply drive out, allowing the bush winch to pull while your tires fight for traction.

They come in pairs, meaning you can use both at the same time, reducing the stress on the rope and giving you double the chance of extraction. What an amazingly simple idea.

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